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Been looking for awhile, focusing on vehicles coming off lease: Well maintained, not too old, but a good value for the investment. Knew what I wanted, and was willing to wait until I found the right combination of trim and options. (The wife hates going shopping with me!) I am one of those AR customers dealers hate; have done my homework, already had financing, and would only buy what I wanted, and with a deal I felt was fair. Not a good candidate for upsell! Had found several that I liked, but either it was sold before I got to the dealer, or the “price” was artificially low, and the delivered price was $2k or more over the listed price. Finally found one at another independent dealer that met the criteria, equipment and were right, but just as I was ready to buy, this one showed up on one of my search engines. Higher miles that what I was about to buy, but the rarer color caught my attention. (And the wife really liked the exterior/interior color combo). I do value her opinion, even if I don’t always listen! A couple of email exchanges with the internet advisor, and the delivered price came in out of my budget, by quite a lot. Still, we liked the car. So, decided to visit and compare with the other vehicle I was about to purchase, and see what an “in person” offer would yield. Ok, a used car decision based on color may be considered a bit vain, but given the choice of a black car with black interior in Florida, or a nice red with a light colored interior, is a lot more pleasant to deal with most times of year here, not to mention the interior surfaces survive so much longer! So, I own the vanity! Expecting the worst, (based on experience with other dealers), Tim Lile made the experience pleasant, comfortable, and worked with us to make this vehicle purchase fit into our budget, and send us home happy and satisfied with the deal. An A++ experience! Bottom line; based on this buying experience, I will drive the 100+ miles to do business with this dealer again! Thank you


Dealing with Tim Lile was an absolute pleasure. He was efficient, extremely knowledgeable an helpful. He got me into my new Sorento in short order and even came to my house to have my wife sign some papers!


Appreciated the time and attention given to ensure that I found "just the right vehicle" for me. It was so refreshing to go to a car dealership that didn't give you a high pressure sales pitch. I'll certainly opt for a Kia when it's time to lease my next vehicle.

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Welcome to Bill Bryan Kia

Regardless of the type of vehicle you are looking for, there's sure to be something that fits your needs here at Bill Bryan Kia. We've got compact sedans, roomy SUVs and modern-looking vehicles that are sure to make every drive more enjoyable and convenient. Our up-to-date online inventory gives you the chance to view all of our new and previously-owned vehicles and to take advantage of the free online tools for scheduling test drives and choosing a financing plan. As a community-oriented and family-owned business in the Leesburg area, we are here to serve you in any way we can.

Whether you've got room in your budget for something new and high-tech, or you're in need of something affordable and "new to you," there's an option waiting for you here at Bill Bryan Kia. Our experienced Kia professionals have the knowledge and the experience to help you choose the right car for your budget and lifestyle. The excellent customer service experience doesn't stop when you purchase a vehicle, as the friendly team at Bill Bryan Kia offers a full service center for all of your regular maintenance and repair needs. We want to get you into the right car and help you to keep it in great condition for as long as possible.